The Trust has built a hostel in the beautiful, hilly surroundings of the tribal land. It is very appropriately named SEVADHAM.
Arrangements are made for free lodging, boarding and educational aids very close to their dwelling places so as to not disturb their closely knit family life and that they remain connected with their culture. Facilities for such hostels are available at Ahwa in Dang, Songadh and also at Surat.


Approach to Agriculture in the Dang
To overall improve agriculture in the South Gujarat DAVKT is working through four-pronged strategy:

  • lndigenous Seed Conservation
  • Organic Manure
  • Nurturing Cow Breeding
  • Seed Distribution

Seed Conservation
The current practices in agriculture have replaced native seeds with the hybrid seeds. This has also change food eating habit. The traditional Nagli and Vari are replaced by hybrid rice variety. In order toprevent extinction of native seeds, DAVKT is encouraging farmers of Dang and Tapi districts to use native seeds instead of hybrid seeds through pilot programs. The seeds produce in their own fields are conserved and stored. This practice is ongoing and aims to create Seed Bank in each project village.

Organic Manure

DAVKT conducted organic fertilizer motivation tour for the farmers of Dang and Tapi districts with an aim to increase the use of organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. During motivational tour, farmers received extensive guidance from experts on importance of organic fertilizer and how to prepare organic fertilizers. The farmers who are already into organic fertilizer shared their experience and received further guidance about its usage and benefits.

Farmer’s Fair
Dr Ambedkar Vanavasi Kalyan Trust conducted village tours for experts and motivation tours for farmers to get exposure of agricultural development and various trainings in Dang and Tapi districts as well as across South Gujarat. Through the medium of KRUSHAK MANDAL, farmers were encouraged to develop the attitude and spirit of meeting each other and sharing their experiences. Emphasis is laid on activities like Farmers Fairs to educate the farmers about latest techniques and scientific experimentation taking place in the field of agriculture. 175 Krushak Mandal meetings were organized to discuss village development issues. so far 2960 people have benefitted from this meeting.

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A library, BHAGINI NIVEDITA MAHILA PUSTAKALAYA has been set up. This library is being operated by the house wives staying in nearby localities. The Library has become the center for infusing new energy in the society. Other than operating library, the women also organize related activities due to which it is being recognized by the Government of Gujarat

There is a dearth of talented and promising youth from tribal families and disadvantaged sections of the society to serve the nation by joining the Civil Services. With the aim to motivate the tribal youth, DAVKT has initiated SAMBHAV (It is Possible)—a centre to nurture and cater to the need of youth as well as bridge the gap to access the quality mentoring to prepare for Civil Services. The tribal students who secure admission in this center can also seek admission in the full fledged hostel set up in the premises. Students from other sections of the society are also given admission to SAMBHAV.


Suvarnaprash Camps
Suvarn Prashan increases immunity power and develops resistance against common infections, thus prevents children from falling ill very often. It improves physical strength and stamina in the children. Children under the age of 12 are given Suvarn Prashan every month on Pushya Nakshtra day

Yoga Classes & Camps
146 Yoga Classes have been organized. On International Day of Yoga, Yoga Camp was
organized in Surat (42 camps), Tapi (in 26 Villages) and Dang (in 65 Villages).

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From being helpless to being empowered women empowered women, DAVKT has organized several training and skill development programmes ranging from sewing, stitching, cooking, glass painting, mehndi, rakhi making, learning computers. These programmes not only inculcate feeling of self-respect among girls and women, but they also become self-reliant after attaining skills. The women have been imparted training to prepare various items from Nagli, a nutritious millet grown in Dang Under the mentorship of Sevika Samiti officer Pushpaben and Manguben various training programme was conducted for girls. 43 adolescent participated in adolescent development training in Dang.