Together We can and we will make a difference.
This is one best way of paying back our debt to the society.


“I do not desire kingdoms nor MOKSHA, nor the heaven, my only desire is to relieve the pain of the creatures of this world.” – Raja Rantidev.

    For the citizens of this great city, endorsing their commitment to these service activities will be a tribute to nature and her children. They experience the feelings that by helping the have nots (VANCHIT) of the society, they are only returning what they have received from the society.
    To serve our society is the best prayer dedicated to the Almighty
    Tell me that I am not alone
    Come and weave these dreams with me.

We pray to God that your help and ability to help in noble causes will remain for ever

Cheque/draft- Dr. Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust
Donation is Exempted from Income tax under section 80 G .
F.C.R.Act 1976 & Reg.No.- 042100122 Nature-SOCIAL